Açai (pronounced ah - SIGH -ee) is the famed fruit of the Amazon.

Nestled atop a stately palm tree, the açai fruit spends its life breathing the pure air of the Amazon Rain forest, drinking in the golden sunlight and pristine quenching rains.

Based on unique processing technologies we developed over many years, Açai Wine is your chance to experience the taste, aroma, and character of 100% açai fruit, like never before offered in the market.

Our 100% Açai Wine captures this tropical purity with floral nuances of blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate enveloped by aromas of almond and vanilla. You hold now in your hands the world's first premium 100% Açai Wine. Try our Doce wine in place of your favorite Blush or White Zinfandel, or try our Seco wine in place of your favorite Cabernet or Merlot.

We have no sales gimmicks, no special parties to attend,
nobody will knock on your door, nobody will call you, and we will not tell you how good açai fruit is for you.

However, we do hope you join our Açai Wine Club to begin receiving discounted pricing (absolutely free to sign up). We hope you enjoy our photo gallery and the Rorschach test. We hope you follow our Açai Wine Blog.

More importantly we hope you enjoy our wines.

We will also have some surprises along the way, and Açai Wine Club members will always be the first to know.